About the Lab

In recent years, world financial markets have grown exponentially in size and exposure. With increasing globalization, market and company developments require rapid, accurate, and sophisticated in-depth analysis. To enhance its competitiveness in this environment and to further its reputation for academic excellence, the Rotman School of Management has developed the BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab. This high-tech facility enables students, faculty and staff to interact with the global financial community and its resources in a real-time setting.

For training sessions, the Lab has 71 dual flat panel stations equipped with Factset, S&P Capital IQ, and real-time data feeds, six Bloomberg terminals, two media/data awalls and an integrated sound system. In addition, the Lab has a growing stock of custom-designed applications software. For example, trading and risk management simulations are conducted using Rotman Interactive Trader; and portfolio management training using Rotman Portfolio Manager. Research databases include NYSE's TAQ, TSE (CFRMC), Compustat, CRSP, and Datastream.

Students' training will be enhanced by providing access to worldwide information on fundamentals, research, news and prices, as well as by using industry applications. This allows students to implement the material they are learning in the classroom. In addition, according to Founding Director Tom McCurdy, "a primary objective of the Lab is for participants to learn how to make good financial decisions in complex environments taking account of, and managing, uncertainty about the future. Our simulation-based learning applications are designed to achieve this objective. For example, our RIT cases provide an opportunity for students to learn how to develop robust strategies that work well across the whole range of potential outcomes. Our learning-by-doing approach is a foundation for learning how to learn which supports life-long learning and innovation."

This state-of-the-art multi-function laboratory creates new opportunities for training, teaching, research, product and curriculum development. The Finance Lab provides a focal point for research and training in a range of financial disciplines including: investment strategy and portfolio management; financial engineering and risk management; trading; and analysis of the microstructure of markets.

Tom McCurdy (Director)

Bonham Chair in International Finance
Professor of Finance,
Lab Founder and Academic Director

Marco Salerno (Manager)


Marco received a two year master's degree in Economics and Finance (major in Quantitative Finance) from LUISS University of Rome with a thesis on credit risk modeling. He is eager to learn new things, searching for occasions where to apply the theory studied from books, because he's sure that without practice lots of what we learn can easily be lost. He attended a military high-school and his interests are in Trading and Investing.

Eric Kang (Assistant Manager)


Eric is an alumnus of the University of Toronto Rotman Commerce program. He was initially a lab assistant at the Finance Lab for previous years. His experience includes an analyst role at Business Development Asia LLC, a mid-market investment banking firm specialized in cross border M&A transactions. He served his military duty as a riot police sergeant in Korea.

Lab Assistants 2016 - 2017

The lab assistant team is dedicated to helping students use the various financial programs and software available at the lab stations. Each of the lab assistants has a specialized role that keeps the lab functioning in an efficient manner, as identified below. Lab assistants are available at the lab from 9:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m from Monday through Friday, feel free to approach any on-duty lab assistant if you have any questions or concerns related to lab resources.

Sergey Sapel'Nyk


Co-head Lab Assistant
Sergey is entering his fourth year at Rotman Commerce, specializing in Finance & Economics. He is an avid sports fan, who enjoys long walks on the beach.

Mansour Dia


Co-head Lab Assistant
Mansour is entering his third year at Rotman Commerce, specializing in Finance & Economics. He enjoys playing soccer and travelling.

Filip Pejić


Lab Assistant - Rotman International Trading Competition Event Co-Organizer
Filip is a fourth year student enrolled in Rotman Commerce. He enjoys playing basketball, listening to music, working with startups and travelling the world.

Cavelle Van Nest


Lab Assistant - Rotman International Trading Competition Event Co-Organizer
Cavelle is a third year student specializing in Finance & Economics. She enjoys all kinds of sports, meeting new people, and exploring Toronto and the world.

Crystal Lou


Lab Assistant - Competition Manager
Crystal is a fourth year Rotman Commerce student specializing in Finance & Economics. She loves travelling, photography, karaoke, badminton and volleyball. She also enjoys exploring the city with friends and finding new places to eat.

Amanda Wildi


Lab Assistant - RIT Product Manager
Amanda is a fourth year Rotman Commerce student specializing in Finance and Economics. She enjoys travelling, playing tennis, and music.

Tony Guo


Lab Assistant - RIT Quality Assurance
Tony is a fourth year Rotman Commerce student studying Finance and Economics. He enjoys living an active lifestyle.

Saarah Sheikh


Lab Assistant - RPM Product Manager
Saarah is a second year Rotman Commerce student specializing in Finance & Economics. She loves singing, travelling, and dancing. Outside the lab, you can find Saarah exploring the city with her friends.

Edward Xiao


Lab Assistant - RPM Quality Assurance
Edward is entering his fourth year pursuing a Specialist in Finance and Economics as well as a minor in mathematics.

Kiran Malhi


Lab Assistant - FRTL Office Manager
Kiran is a second year student specializing in Finance & Economics at Rotman Commerce. She is a dog lover and enjoys listening to music and dancing.

Zena Xing


Lab Assistant - Corporate Bookings & Student Event Specialist
Zena is a 2nd year student specializing in Finance and Economics at Rotman Commerce. In her spare time, Zena likes to plan events, practice piano and explore the outdoors.

Iven Poon


Lab Assistant - Factset/Bloomberg Product Specialist
Iven is a fifth year student specializing in Finance & Economics and Computer Science. He enjoys design, sports and loves exploring new places and learning new things.

Annie Sun


Lab Assistant - Datastream/Capital IQ Product Specialist
Annie is entering her third year at Rotman Commerce, specializing in Finance & Economics. She enjoys taking photographs and exploring the city with friends.

Tianquan Wang


Lab Assistant - Senior Lab Technology Specialist
Tianquan is a third year student specializing in Finance & Economics at Rotman Commerce. He is passionate about all things sports, the market, and long walks along Toronto's lake shore.

Jacky Liu


Lab Assistant - Lab Technology Specialist
Jacky is a second year student specializing in Finance & Economics at Rotman Commerce. He enjoys playing basketball and competitive e-sports games.

Laura Murphy


Lab Assistant - Research Database Specialist
Laura is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto Economics Program.

Tony Ye


Lab Assistant - Lab Development Specialist
Tony is in his fourth year of the Engineering Science program, majoring in Math, Statistics, and Finance. He is an avid swimmer and a competitive tennis player, and likes to experience new cultures by living in different countries.

Jessica Leung


Lab Assistant - Lab Development Specialist
Jessica is a fourth year Engineering Science student majoring in Mathematics, Statistics, and Finance. She likes yoga, vegetables, and good design.

Jasper Chan


Jasper Chan is an alumnus of the University of Toronto Engineering Science program. He is currently pursuing doctoral studies in physics at the California Institute of Technology. He is the programmer behind both Rotman Interactive Trader and Rotman Portfolio Manager.

Lab Alumni

If you are a Finance Lab alumnus but do not see yourself on this page, please e-mail one of the co-head lab assistants (sergey.sapelnyk@mail.utoronto.ca or mansour.dia@mail.utoronto.ca) and you will promptly be added to this page.











  • Zhang, Henry

    Morningside Capital Management
  • Cheung, Bryce

    RBC Capital Markets
  • Issa, Mazen

    Mazen is working in a equity research firm in Montreal.
  • Potapenko, Diana

    Macquarie Capital
  • Utomo, Haswin

    Self-employed -CATERPILLAR parts trader


  • Kim, Ian

    RBC Capital Markets
  • Golpayegani, Babak

    BMO Capital Markets
  • Gotz, Klara

    Mackenzie Financial
  • Dai, Li

    Professor of Management in Los Angeles
  • Liang, Calvin

    Import Export
  • Cao, Yanrong

    Ph.D. at U of T


  • Liu, Huan

    Morgan Stanley
  • Feng, Jing

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Dai, David

    Regional Head of Utilities research at Credit Suisse based in Hong Kong
  • Zhang, Sophia

    Sophia Zhang is currently in the process of earning her PhD.
  • Theriault, Annie

    Northwater Capital
  • Bobey, Bill

    Professor at St. Mary's University



The following courses integrate the Rotman Finance Lab in their lectures and assignments:

MBA Courses
  • RSM 2302 - Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • RSM 2303 - Risk Modelling and Financial Trading Strategies
  • RSM 2306 - Options and Futures Markets
  • RSM 2310 - Analysis of Fixed Income Securities
  • RSM 2315 - Value Investing
  • RSM 2317 - Applied Portfolio Management
Master of Finance Courses
  • RSM 4318 - Applied Portfolio Management
  • RSM 4319 - Forecasting Risks and Opportunities for Financial Securities
Master of Financial Risk Management
  • RSM 6302 - Financial Markets, Risk, and Institutions
  • RSM 6304 - Operational Risk
  • RSM 6306 - Probabilistic Modelling for Risk-Informed Decisions
Master of Mathematical Finance Courses
  • MMF 1920 - Investment and Finance
Rotman Commerce Courses
  • RSM 230 - Financial Markets
  • RSM 330 - Investments
  • RSM 333 - Corporate Finance
  • RSM 361 - Human Resource Management
  • RSM 430 - Analysis of Fixed Income Securities
  • RSM 432 - Risk Management for Financial Managers
  • RSM 434 - Financial Trading Strategies
  • RSM 435 - Futures and Options Markets
Faculty of Arts and Science
  • JRE300 - Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance
Additional Training Sessions
  • Masters of Financial Risk Management MATLAB Sessions
  • Microsoft Excel Training
  • Masters of Finance VBA Training