Market Simulation Challenge December 2015


The BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab is pleased to present the inaugural Market Simulation Challenge. The mandate of the lab is to contribute to research and teaching at the Rotman School of Management. The lab provides simulation based learning sessions for a variety of classes and scenarios related to finance.

The Finance Lab hosts the Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC), which includes 50 participating teams from different universities around the world. RITC uses proprietary software called the Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT) to execute the competition. RIT was developed by the lab to simulate how financial markets behave.  Click here to view an introductory video tutorial on the RIT client. Follow the instructions here to try a demo of RIT.

The Market Simulation Challenge provides high school students with an introduction to simulation based learning and challenges them to compete against each other. Students will participate in a session designed to introduce them to financial markets and the RIT software. After lunch, students will apply the knowledge learned during the day within a competition modeled on RITC.




November 30th, 2015

Registration Deadline

December 15th, 2015 10am-12pm

Introduction and Instruction

December 15th, 2015 12pm-1pm

Lunch (provided on-site)

December 15th, 2015 1pm-2:30pm




Registration is restricted to a total of 32 teams of two members each with spots secured on a first come first serve basis. All registration requests must include both members of a team and be submitted before November 30th, 2015.

Please note that capacity for this event has been filled. Any additional registration requests will be added to a waitlist.

There are two registration methods:

  1. Each team can individually register via Google Forms at the following link: Registration Form
  2. Faculty can register multiple teams by emailing the following information to:
  • School Name
  • Team Name
  • First and Last Name, Email Address, and current grade for both team members


There is no registration fee. Any registration request without a second team member will be considered invalid. All resources needed for the competition will be provided at the competition. Lunch will provided on-site by Rotman Commerce.