ETF Global



ETF Global offers detailed ETF data variables by recognizing the uniqueness of ETFs as an investment vehicle. Specifically, the following data categories are offered through this database:

ETF Profile Data
  • includes its proprietary taxonomy: a multi-level hierarchy that allows for direct comparison and distinction among a broad variety of attributes, exposures, peer groups and strategies
ETF Daily Fund Flows
  • Daily Net Fund Flows that is driven by the ETF creation and redemption process. This reflects the actual capital being added to or withdrawn from the ETF - includes Shares Outstanding and NAV
ETFG Quantitative Proprietary Analytics
  • Two proprietary multifactor models that provide forward looking risk and reward scores for every ETF
ETF Constituents (Full Holdings)
  • full look through of an ETFs portfolio - provides up to 4 unique identifiers for each underlying security, country, exchange, and currency traded in, constituent asset class & security type, market value, shares and weight in each given fund