Lab Schedule


Time slots can be booked for classes, tutorials, or other events through the lab scheduling system (as shown in the Calendar below).

Rotman graduate students and Rotman Faculty have 24 hour access to the Finance Lab (please check to ensure that the Lab has not been reserved before entering).

U of T students using the Finance Lab for their courses have access from Monday to Friday from 8:45AM to 7:00PM (Summer Hours: 8:45AM to 5:00PM).

If a class starts/ends after 7:00pm, the Finance Lab door will be open to facilitate students' access to the facility.

If you would like to inquire about Corporate Bookings, please e-mail Marco Amadasi for more details.

Lab Assistant Hours

Lab assistants are available from 9:00am to 7:00pm during fall/spring semesters, or by appointment. Please contact Marco Amadasi to schedule.

Please note that key passes are required to access the Finance Lab on weekends and after 7:00PM, Monday to Friday (5:00PM, Monday to Friday during the Summer).