Lab Assistant for 2020-2021

Job Type: Part Time

Position: Lab Assistant

Location of Work: Rotman School of Management


The BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab (Finance Lab) is a state-of-the-art facility that focuses on the integration of theoretical and practical applications. Research databases and real-time access to global financial resources allow students to link classroom lessons to actual securities and markets. In addition, our custom-designed suite of instructional products use interactive simulations to develop skills for making good financial decisions when faced with uncertainty about future outcomes. These products include the Rotman Portfolio Manager (RPM) and the Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT) platforms, and the associated simulation cases. 

The finance lab mandate is:

  • To enhance the Rotman School's teaching and training by providing students with access to the global financial community and its resources in a real-time setting.
  • To contribute to the integration of theory and practice by delivering hands-on experience to users in order to enhance the global competitiveness of our students and our School.
  • To become an innovator in new curriculum development, business initiatives, software development, and other activities of value to the Rotman School and business communities.
  • To provide a focal point for research and training in a range of financial disciplines, including investment strategy and portfolio management; financial engineering and risk management; trading; and analysis of the microstructure of markets.

In addition, we organize extra-curricula activities, such as the Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC), Rotman Portfolio Management Competition (RPMC), Commerce Trading Competition (CTC), Rotman Online Trading Competition (ROTC), and many more.

The Finance Lab employs an enthusiastic team of Lab Assistants to help students and faculty throughout the year. Lab Assistants work on shifts either from 9am to 2pm, or from 2pm to 7pm every week-day during the semester (September to April) depending on their schedules, and on an on-call basis from May to August. As a Lab Assistant, you will need to help students with the use of financial software such as Bloomberg, FactSet, Capital IQ, etc. In addition, each Lab Assistant will help with planning, preparation, and running of the extra curricula events.

Lab Assistants are trained before the start of the semester. Training is mandatory for all of the new lab assistants.

This would be an excellent opportunity to work in an innovative and unique environment, learn most of the financial software used in the industry and grow professionally and personally by achieving additional skills.


Lab Assistants will have specific roles within the Finance Lab depending on their skills.

All of the students who apply for this position should be interested in the field of finance and investments. We are looking for friendly, social, and enthusiastic students who can assist in providing an exciting and enjoyable experience for other Lab Assistants and for users of the Finance Lab.

Knowledge of Office (especially Excel) and any programming language (such as Python) is an asset. Your Excel skills may be tested if you are selected for an interview.

Targeted Years: All years

Application Requirement: Cover letter, Resume, and unofficial transcript

Application Instructions: Please e-mail cover letter and resume in one file as a PDF format to and with subject: “2020 Lab Assistant Application” 

Application Deadline: 11:59pm on Sunday, March 22nd, 2020