Capital IQ


  • Finance Lab Workstations - All Finance Lab workstations have Capital IQ installed as a desktop shortcut, the login and password information is saved in the Internet browser. If the login and password information is not saved and the program asks you to login to Capital IQ, please restart the workstation and try again. If the problem still persists, please notify one of our lab assistants and they will login to the system for you.



Produced by the Standard & Poor's, Capital IQ is a web and Excel-based software that provides valuable financial research data on fundamental analysis, financial modeling and market analysis. The software contains comprehensive information on over 60,000 public companies, 685,000 private companies 10,600 private capital firms, 312,000 transactions and 985,000 professionals worldwide. The Financial Analysis and Market Analysis components allow users to draw deep market insights from comparable analysis, sector analysis and high-level overview of industries. In addition, the Screening and Targeting function incorporates over a thousand financial and non-financial screening criteria to construct a list that meets your requirements.